Nowadays, the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability have became the most urgent and important worldwide issue. With the great progress of LED technologies in recent years, LED becomes another major player on general light. However, the reliability, physical properties and long term stability of LED need further investigation. Several key parameters which influence the performance of LED have been identified such as the junction temperature, operation time, humidity, electrical properties and blue radiation which influence different parts and components of an LED. Currently, the cross-interactions among these parameters are not established nor understood. The major goal of this conference is to focus on discussing and verifying these issues which includes:

-Establish an ideal reliability test system for LED which allows long-term observation on the change of physical phenomena of LED.
- Propose a model which can effectively estimate the reliability and performance of LED.
- Provide a platform for researchers to exchange ideas, have a chance to establish future collaboration, and promote the technology.

The above mentioned issues are also the major task for the light source manufacturers. Asian researchers are increasingly seeking basic knowledge, while the French and European scientific community needs to reach out to industrial knowledge. This conference will bring together the researchers in chemistry, optics, electrical engineering and physics to discussion and communication constructively on the issues on LED lighting. The conference will be held on the campus of National Central University (NCU), located at northern Taiwan and near the international airport. The conference consists of a series of oral sessions and poster sessions. In addition, a special course session on solid-state lighting for its growing impact in the world will be held.


TOPICS(not restricted)

1. Light Emitting Diodes for Lighting: the Actual Challenges
2. Temperature Management of LED
3. Relation Between Luminescence and Structure of Phosphor
4. Phosphor Reliability
5. Lattice Strain Control Phosphor Luminescence
6. Reliability Standard and Tests
7. Optical Modeling
8. Long Term Behavior of Phosphor
9. Power Supply Influence
10. Colorimetry
11. Photothermal Activated Pellicular Failure Mechanism in Polymer-based Packaging of LED
12. Life-cycle Modelling
13. Lighting Design


October 27-29, 2014


Conventional Hall, Kwoh-Ting Optoelectronics Building, Department of Optics and Photonics, National Central University, No.300, Jhongda Rd., Jhongli City, Taoyuan County 32001, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


General Chair :
SUN, Ching-Cherng (NCU, Taiwan)
GLORIEUX, Benoit (ICMCB-CNRS, Univ Bordeaux, France)
Organization Committee
LIU, Cheng-Yi (NCU, Taiwan)
CHEN, Yi-Chun (NCU, Taiwan)
CHEN, Szu-Yu (NCU, Taiwan)
CHUNG, Shu-Ru (NFU, Taiwan)
CHUNG, Te-Yuan (NCU, Taiwan)
LAI, Kun-Yu (NCU, Taiwan)
LEE, Xuan-Hao (NCU, Taiwan)
LO, Yi-Chien (NCU, Taiwan)
YANG, Tsung-Hsun (NCU, Taiwan)
Program Committee
CHUNG, Te-Yuan (NCU, Taiwan)
CHEN, Jyh-Chen (NCU, Taiwan)
CHENG, Wood-Hi (NSYSU, Taiwan)
HSIAO, Horng-Ching (NYUST, Taiwan)
HUANG, Jian-Jang (NTU, Taiwan)
JUBERA, Veronique (Univ. Bordeaux, France)
KUO, Cheng-Huang (NCTU, Taiwan)
KUO, Hao-Chung (NCTU, Taiwan)
LEE, Tien-Rein (PCCU, Taiwan)
LEE, Tsung-Xian (NTUST, Taiwan)
LEFLEM, Gilles (ICMCB, France)
LIN, Ray-Lee (NCKU, Taiwan)
MA, Shih-Hsin (FCU, Taiwan)
MORENO, Ivan (UAZ, Mexico)
VENEAU, Jean-Francois (LED Eng. Dev, France)
YANG, Tsung-Hsun (NCU, Taiwan)


Contact Information : Secretary : Ms. Yu-Ling Wu 吳郁陵小姐 (NCU/Taiwan) • Mr. Yu-Yu Chang 張育譽先生 (NCU/Taiwan)

Phone: +886-3-4227151 ext. 65277 E-mail: