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Nonlinear Integrated Laser Photonics Lab Room No.: IL-410 Phone: +886-3-4227151-65293
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Prof. Yen-Hung Chen


Key Areas

Nonlinear Optics, Integrated Waveguide Laser Devices, Integrated microchip Solid-State Lasers, Quasi-phase-matching Crystals (nonlinear photonic crystals), Ion Optics

Research Descriptions

Nonlinear Integrated Laser Photonics Lab ( Pdf.file )

Recent Projects

Position Project Project Duration Funding Agent Grant (NT$)


Publications and Patents
Journal Papers
1 W. K. Chang, H. P. Chung, Y. Y. Lin, and Y. H. Chen, “Electro-optic spectral tuning in a fan-out double-prism domain periodically poled lithium niobate intracavity optical parametric oscillator,” Opt. Lett. 41, 3904-3907 (2016).
2 P. Y. Wu, H. H. Lu, C. Z. Weng, Y. H. Chen, and S. D. Yang, “Dispersion-corrected frequency-resolved optical gating,” Opt. Lett. 41, 4538-4541 (2016).
3 W. K. Chang, H. P. Chung, Y. Y. Chou, R. Geiss, S. D. Yang, T. Pertsch, and Y. H. Chen, “Electro-optically spectrum narrowed, multiline intracavity optical parametric oscillators,” Opt. Express 24, 28905-28914 (2016).
4 H. P. Chung, W. K. Chang, C. H. Tseng, R. Geiss, T. Pertsch, and Y. H. Chen, “Electro-Optically Spectrum Tailorable Intracavity Optical Parametric Oscillator,” Opt. Lett. 40, 5132-5135 (2015).
5 H. P. Chung, K. H. Huang, S. L. Yang, W. K. Chang, C. W. Wu, F. Setzpfandt, T. Pertsch, D. N. Neshev, and Y. H. Chen, “Adiabatic light transfer in titanium diffused lithium niobate waveguides,” Opt. Express 23, 30641- 30650 (2015).
Book(s)/Book Chapter(s)
(In chinese) 李正中、楊宗勳、孫文信、游漢輝、陳昇暉、欒丕綱、張正陽、歐陽盟、鄭益祥、鍾德元、陳彥宏梁肇文、郭政煌、戴朝義、伍茂仁、陳啟昌、孫慶成,光電科技概論 (Introduction to Optics and Photonics),五南圖書出版股份有限公司 (2008初版、2010二版,台北,台灣)

Courses Offered

People Postdoctoral Fellows

Present Students
Ph.D. students:
Jui-Wen Chang、Wei-Kun Chang、Hung-ping Chung
MS students:

Sheng-Shang Huang 、Chien-Hao Tseng

Tsai-Yi Chien            、Kuang-Hsu Huang

Pin-Yu Chou             、Yu-Sheng Chen

Undergraduate students:

Former Students
Chao-Hung Lin

Chun-Yun Huang   、Yi-Chern Chang

Wei-wen Chen      、Shao-Wei Lin

Zhao-Sheng Yu     、Sheng-long Teng

Cheng-Liang Chang、His-Hsiung Chang

Yeh-Liang Chen     、Bau-Shian Chiau

Chun-Lin Wang      、Ying-You Lai

Hsueh-Tsung Lyu   、Hung-Yu Wu

Chia-Sheng Hsieh   、Quan-Hsiang Tseng

Bing-Zhong Liu      、Yao-Hsien Huang

Chun-Yu Chen       、Ning Hsu

Song-Lin Yang       、Jin-feng Huang

Cheng-An Hsieh     、Sheng-Chieh Huang

Research Opportunities

Welcome to join NILP at DOP, NCU (pdf file)

Lab Activities

Address: Kwoh-Ting Optics and Photonics Building, No. 300, Zhongda Rd., Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: +886-3-4227151 ext. 65251FAX:
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