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Prof. Ko-Ting Cheng


Key Areas

Liquid crystal physics, Polymers, Azobenzenes, Nanoparticles, Liquid crystal electro-optical devices (light shutter/lens/grating), Flexible electronics, Liquid crystal display techniques, etc

Research Descriptions

Recently, the major research interests cover the electro-optical properties of liquid crystals (LCs) and their physics and applications. The used materials include nematic LCs, cholesteric LCs, blue phase LCs, ferroelectric LCs, azobenzenes (chiral dopants, polymers, dyes, etc.), polymers, nanoparticles, and others. Recently, we are studying their properties and developing some applications based on the above materials, including LC alignment, LC photoalignment, LC lens, polymer-dispersed LCs (PDLCs), nanoparticle-doped LCs, blue phase LCs (BPLCs), controlling the reflection band of cholesteric LCs (CLCs), Flexible LC electronics, holographic gratings, polarization convertors, LC displays (LCDs), multistable LCDs, and so on.

Recent Projects

Position Project Project Duration Funding Agent Grant (NT$)
PI Studies of the frontier liquid crystal electro-optical technologies and their applications using the composites of liquid crystals, nano-particles, ionic materials, gelators, polymers, and mesoporous 2017-08-01 ~ 2020-07-31 Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan 7,676,000
PI Studies of the electro-optical properties of nanosphere-, azobenzene-, monomer-doped nematic and blue phase liquid crystals, and multi-stable scattering mode liquid crystal light shutters 2014-08-01 ~ 2017-07-31 Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan 7,544,000
PI Studies of novel and particular liquid crystal electro-photonics and thier applications 2013-08-01 ~ 2014-07-31 National Science Council, Taiwan 960,000
PI Examination of electrically controllable liquid crystal glasses 2013-04-01 ~ 2013-12-31 E Sheng Opto-Tech CO., LTD. 301,400
PI Studies of the electro-optical properties of nanoparticles- and azo materials-doped liquid crystals/liquid crystal-polymer composites and their applications 2010-08-01 ~ 2013-10-31 National Science Council, Taiwan 932,000


Rubbing mechine, Spin-coating mechine, transmissive/reflective polarized optical microscopy, Oscilloscope, Function generator, DC power supply, Voltage amplifier, Spectrameter, Power meter (lasers), Power meter (UV light), Hot plates, Oven, Vacuum oven, Spining vibrator, UV light source/light box, Glass cutter, Electric balance, TechWiz LCD (Software), Ultrasonic cleaner, red/green/blue/UV lasers, Optical tables, Hot plate, etc

Publications and Patents
Journal Papers
1 Cheng-Kai Liu§, Shu-Ching Chang§, Yung-Shiang Juang, and Ko-Ting Cheng*, “Hiding private information in private information protection liquid crystal displays using periodical waveplates and pixel quaternity,” Opt. Express 31(2) 2445-2455 (2023).
2 Ko-Ting Cheng, Hengyu Guo, Vincent K. S. Hsiao*, Jr-Hau He, and Zhong Lin Wang*, “Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals Actuated by a Rotary Triboelectric Nanogenerator,” IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett. 34(24) 1369-1372 (2022).
3 Cheng-Kai Liu, Shu-Ching Chang, Sheng-Wen Wang, and Ko-Ting Cheng*, “Privacy-protection system using a unidirectional emission waveguide liquid crystal display and an asymmetrical transmission window system,” Opt. Lasers Eng. 158, 107175 (2022).
4 Cheng-Kai Liu§, Chi-Tang Huang§, Jyun-Cong Lai, and Ko-Ting Cheng*, “Spontaneous and field-induced evolutions of 2D patterns in fingerprint chiral textures,” J. Mol. Liq. 361, 119504 (2022).
5 Cheng-Kai Liu§, Ming-Chi Liao§, Chi-Tang Huang, Shao-Hao Liao, and Ko-Ting Cheng*, “Detection of polarization state of a polarized light using azimuthally symmetric dye-doped liquid crystals,” Dyes Pigment. 204, 110446 (2022).
Book(s)/Book Chapter(s)
  • Cheng-Chung Lee, “The Current Trends of Optics and Photonics,” Chapter 12 Liquid Crystal Display-Present Status and Emerging Technology (2015, Springer Science); ISBN 978-94-017-9391-9 ISBN 978-94-017-9392-6 (eBook)

Courses Offered

Required courses (B.S.): Electromagnetism I; Electromagnetism II

Optional courses: Liquid Crystal Optoelectronic Materials and their Applications; Liquid Crystal Optoelectronic Devices

People Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr. Cheng-Kai Liu

Present Students
Ph.D. students:
MS students:

洪祥益 (光電所)
朱庭楷 (光電所)
賴駿璁 (五年學碩士班,光電所)
許捷翔 (照顯所)
李家豪 (光電所)
王生樂 (光電所)
梁書睿 (光電所,與孫文信老師共同指導學生)
袁銘鴻 (光電所)
黃濟棠 (光電所)
周宥騰 (光電所)
涂清彥 (五年學碩士班,光電系)

Undergraduate students:

王聖文 (光電系)
林志威 (理學院學士班)
黃家琳 (光電系)
劉易軒 (光電系)
鄭詠程 (光電系)
侯宗毅 (光電系)
林倖如 (理學院學士班)

Former Students
詹鈞証 (照顯所,2015.01畢業)
吳庭昀 (光電所,2015.07畢業,陳啟昌老師學生)
李柏逸 (光電所,2016.01畢業)
陳亭惠 (光電所五年學碩士班,2016.07畢業)
唐   易 (光電所,2016.07畢業)
陳可邦 (光電所,2016.07畢業)
邱謙育 (光電所,2016.07畢業,與陳啟昌老師共同指導學生)
陳維軒 (光電所,2016.07畢業)
王弘毅 (光電所五年學碩士班,2017.02畢業)
蔡閔程 (光電所,2017.07畢業)
鄭文發 (光電所,2017.07畢業)
梁哲源 (光電所,2017.07畢業,與陳啟昌老師共同指導學生)
楊皓勛 (五年學碩士班,光電所,2017.07畢業)

Research Opportunities

Lab Activities

Address: Kwoh-Ting Optics and Photonics Building, No. 300, Zhongda Rd., Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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