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To teach and train the greatest minds for the 21st century, the curriculum in DOP is designed to offer full-spectrum courses from the fundamental, advanced, to applications in optics and photonics. In particular, we put more emphasis on the basics of optics/photonics to help students lay the groundwork for their future advanced research and work in the fast-paced corporate environment. The core courses and many electives in graduate programs are lectured in English.

Required DOP Core Courses
Graduate Electives

Required DOP Core Courses

The Department requires all graduate students to take the following courses:

  Description Credits
OS6003 Fourier Optics 3
OS6015 Geometrical Optics 3
OS7149 Crystal Optics 3
OS7051 Optics Laboratory 3

In addition, students must complete two zero-credit seminar courses:
  • OS6001 Seminar
  • OS6040 Seminar

For those who did not pass the undergraduate Optics, Electromagnetism, and/or Microelectronics prior to their graduate studies in DOP, they have to take at least one undergraduate course in Optics, Electromagnetism, and/or Microelectronics. The credits thus earned cannot be applied toward the degree.

  Description Credits
OS2002 Optics I 3
OS3003 Optics II 3
OS3015 Optics III 3
OS2003 Electromagnetism I 3
OS2004 Electromagnetism II 3
OS2005 Microelectronics I 3
OS2006 Microelectronics II 3

Graduate Electives

To provide a depth of knowledge in at least one area of optics and photonics, the Department requires each student to take at least two advanced courses in the following areas, not necessarily in the same area. Course options in their corresponding areas are listed below:

  Description Course Hours
Thin-Film Optics
OS6016 Interferometry and Interferometers 3
OS6027 Thin-Film Optics 3
OS7004 Topics on the Application of Thin Film Materials 3
OS7127 Optical Thin-Film Filter Design 3
Optical Information Processing
OS6019 Holography 3
OS6046 Optical Information Processing 3
OS6051 Special Topics in White-Light Holography 3
OS7052 Special Topics in Dynamic Holography 3
OS6072 Semiconductor Optoelectronics Physics and Devices 3
OS7125 Optoelectronics of Solar Cell 3
OS7128 Special Topics in Nitride-Base Optoelectronic Devices 3
OS7141 Special Topics in Thin-Film Solar Cells 3
OS7158 Introduction to Organic Optoelectronics 3
OS7160 Physical Foundations of Semiconductor Optoelectronics 3
OS7165 Introduction of Light Emitting Diode 3
Theoretical Optics
OS6064 Nonlinear Optics 3
OS7038 Optical Computing 3
OS7069 Special Topics in Photonics Crystals 3
OS7084 Photonic Crystals 3
OS7096 Applied Quantum Mechanics 3
OS7131 Special Topics in Electromagnetic Theory 3
OS7140 Metamaterial Physics 3
OS7159 Special Topics in Organic Device Simulation 3
Guided-Wave Photonics
OS6060 Special Topics in Advanced Integrated Optics 3
OS7097 Guided-Wave Optics 3
OS7102 Optical Waveguide Design & Simulation 3
OS7104 Integrated Optics 3
OS7116 Guided Wave Nonlinear Optics 3
OS7118 Photonic Devices 3
OS6053 Special Topics in Laser Applications 3
OS6057 Laser Physics 3
OS6061 Laser and Nonlinear Optics 3
OS6065 Special Topics in Laser Material Processing 3
OS7117 Special Topics in Ultrafast Optics 3
Optical Engineering and Design
OS6023 Radiometry and Detection 3
OS6063 Advanced Optical Design 3
OS7020 Special Topics in Optical Mechanics Design 3
OS7085 Optical Simulation with ASAP 3
OS7088 Special Topic in Optical Design 3
OS7091 Color Science and Technology 3
OS7092 Advanced ASAP Optical Simulation 3
OS7119 Optical System Design 3
OS7132 Introduction to Optical Aberrations 3
OS7134 Patent Analysis of Optical Design 3
OS7147 Diffraction Effects of Alienations 3
OS7155 Special Topics in Aspherical Surface Testing 3
Biophotonics and Bioimaging
OS7066 Special Topic in Bio-Optics 3
OS7137 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging 3
OS7142 Special Topics in Biomedical Instrumentation 3
OS7073 Special Topic in Nano Electronic Optics 3
OS7133 Introduction to Nanophotonics 3

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