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Lighting and display have seen growing interests in optics and photonics owing to rapidly-increasing demands on vision science, human factor engineering, and energy saving. While the lighting and display industries in Taiwan are in desperate need of human capital in recent years, almost no response from academic institutes can be seen until the first Institute of Lighting and Display Science was established at the National Central University in 2008. The Institute is aimed at the education and investigation of vision science and human factor engineering for the next-generation lighting and display. The main research areas cover LED solid state lighting, projection display, direct-view micro display, three-dimensional display, color science, vision-related human factor optics, bio-lighting technologies, lighting optics, and advanced display technologies.

  • Develop vision science and human factor engineering for next-generation lighting and display.
  • Become the most prestigious institute for solid-state lighting in Taiwan.
  • Combine the resources for the research/development of lighting and display science and technologies from the Department of Optics and Photonics (DOP), Optical Sciences Center, Nano Technology Center, Thin Film Technology Center and other related Departments and Institutes at National Central University.
  • Develop advanced courses and research projects to meet the fast-growing needs in human capital for the industry.
  • Develop worldwide-leading lighting and display technologies in order to make the related industries in Taiwan more competitive.

The program is based on the undergraduate courses in DOP with an emphasis on optics. On research, the institute will continue to establish cross-disciplinary research groups from optics, photonics, and biomedicine for advanced research in vision science and human factor engineering to support the development of related activities in the country.

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