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Sun, Ching-Cherng Chair Professor

Research Groups :Solid-State Lighting and Human Factors TechnologyHolography and Optical Information ProcessingOptical Engineering and DesignDisplay TechnologyBiophotonics and Bioimaging

+886-3-4227151 ext 65298

Journal Papers
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1   T. H. Yang, H. Y. Huang, C. C. Sun, B. Glorieux, X. H. Lee, Y. W. Yu, and T. Y. Chung, “Non-contact and instant detection of phosphor temperature in phosphor-converted white LEDs,” Scientific Reports 8, 296 (2018).
2   T. H. Yang, S. M. Wu, C. C. Sun, B. Glorieux, T. Y. Chung, C. Y. Chen, Y. Y. Chnag, X. H. Lee, Y. W. Yu, and K. Y. Lai, “Stabilization of correlated color temperature with self-compensation in phosphor conversion efficiency for white LEDs,” Optics Express 25, 29287-29295 (2017).
3   Y. W. Yu, C. S Yang, T. H. Yang, S. H. Lin, and C. C. Sun,” Analysis of a lens-array modulated coaxial holographic data storage system with considering recording dynamics of material,” Optics Express 25, 22947-22958 (2017).
4   C. C. Sun, Y. Y. Chang, C. Y. Lu, H. Y. Lin, Z. Y. Ting, T. H. Yang*, T. Y. Chung, and Y. W. Yu, “Spatial-coded phosphor coating for high-efficiency white LEDs,” IEEE Photonics Journal 9, 1-9 (2017).
5   C. C. Sun, X. H. Lee, I. Moreno, C. H. Lee, Y. W. Yu, T. H. Yang, and T. Y. Chung, “Design of LED street lighting adapted for free-form roads,” IEEE Photonics Journal 9, 1-13 (2017).
6   X. H. Lee, J. T. Yang, J. H. Chang, W. T. Chien, Y. C. Lo, C. C. Lin, and C. C. Sun, "An LED-based luminaire for badminton court illumination, “ Lighting Research & Technology 49, 396-406 (2017).
7   Y. W. Yu, S. Y. Chen, C. C. Lin, and C. C. Sun, “Inverse focusing inside turbid media by creating an opposite virtual objective,” Scientific Reports 6, 29452 (2016).
8   Y. W. Yu, S. Xiao, C. Y. Cheng, and C. C. Sun, “One-shot and aberration-tolerable homodyne detection for holographic storage readout through double-frequency grating–based lateral shearing interferometry,” Optics Express 24, 10412-10423 (2016).
9   C. C. Sun, Y. Y. Chang, Y. H. Wang, C. Y. Chen, Y. C. Lo, and H. H. Cheng, “Precise Spatial-Color Optical Modeling in Phosphor-Converted White LEDs,” Journal of Display Technology 11, 261-265 (2015).
10   C. C. Sun, Y. Y. Chang, T. H. Yang, T. Y. Chung, C. C. Chen, T. X. Lee, D. R. Li, C. Y. Lu, Z. Y. Ting, B. Glorieux, Y. C. Chen, K.Y. Lai, and C. Y. Liu, “Packaging efficiency in phosphor-converted white LEDs and its impact to the limit of luminous efficacy, “J. Solid State Lighting 1, 19 (2014).
11   T. H. Yang, C. C. Chen, C. Y. Chen, Y. Y. Chang, and C. C. Sun, “Essential Factor for Determining Optical Output of Phosphor-converted LEDs,” IEEE Photonics Journal 6, 8200209(2014).
12   Y. C. Lo, J. Y. Cai, M. S. Tasi, and Z. Y. Tasi, C. C. Sun, “Side-illuminating LED luminaires with accurate projection in high uniformity and high optical utilization factor for large-area field illumination,” Optics Express 22, A365–A375 (2014).
13   C. C. Sun, S. C. Chung, S. H. Yang, Y. W. Yu, W. T. Chien, H. K. Chen, and S. P. Chen, “High-directional light source using photon recycling with a retro-reflective Dome incorporated with a textured LED die surface,” Optics Express 21, 18414-18423 (2013).
14   X. H. Lee, I. Moreno, and C. C. Sun, “High-performance LED street lighting using microlens arrays,” Optics Express21, 10612-10621 (2013).
15   C. Y. Chen, T. H. Yang, C. H. Hsu, and C. C. Sun, “High-efficiency White LED Packaging with Reduced Phosphor Concentration,” IEEE PTL 25, 694-696 (2013).

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