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The Department of Optics and Photonics currently has 22 full-time professors, 4 jointly appointed professors, 8 adjunct professors, and 7 administrative staff/research personnel. Detailed descriptions organized by faculty profile, research areas, and other categories are provided below.  
Faculty Profile
This alphabetical list of DOP faculty provides links to individual faculty profile that details biography, research interests, distinctions, publications, labs, and contact information.
Faculty by Research Areas
DOP’s 22 full-time and 4 jointly appointed professors are organized into 12 major research areas within DOP.
Emeritus Professors
This page lists retired DOP faculty members.
Administrative Staff
Currently there are four administrative staff serving DOP’s faculty and students. Their positions and job descriptions are given in this page.
DOP Personnel
This personnel list provides name, position, office, and contact information of all DOP faculty and staff members.
Last revised on Jan. 27, 2012.

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